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Exploring the natural history of Canterbury, New Zealand.

Canterbury contains a wealth of wild species, living everywhere from the urban parks of Christchurch (the South Island's largest city), to remote alpine peaks of the Southern Alps. Between the Alps and the Pacific Ocean, massive braided rivers have created a large and agriculturally productive alluvial plain. At the east lies Banks Peninsula, the 100,000 hectare remnants of now-extinct volcanoes. CanterburyNature will introduce the wild species living in these places and the ecology that binds them together.

The CanterburyNature website is currently in development by the Isaac Centre for Nature Conservation of Lincoln University and Mollivan.com. The site is being designed to provide ecological and natural history information on the many wild species of Canterbury. It currently contains natural histories of wild Canterbury species written by Lincoln University ecology students. You can now share your own observations of these species on the New Zealand Biodiversity Recording Network website.



Akaroa harbour, Banks Peninsula, © Jon Sullivan